Collection for the children of Syria
Naser Khader København/Washington DC Hjælp syriens børn!

Collection for the children of Syria

I was born and raised in Syria, in the city of Barzeh 10 kilometres north of Damascus. Barzeh is severely hit by the Syria Crisis and the fierce fightings. Several members of my family have been forced to flee their homes. We have lost at least 10 people (deceased) and at least 20 members of my family are gone missing. The children are hit the hardest. Schools are closed. Their parents can’t work and face difficulty providing for their basic needs. Many children have experienced traumatic situations and are heavily affected. Some 80.000 people have died in the conflict, 500.000 are injured or disabled, many of these are children. At least 4 million people have been forced to abandon their homes. The need for help is crucial. I hope you will donate and help the children of Syria. Thank you. How is the money spent? How is UNICEF helping people in Syria? The donations collected by UNICEF Denmark are spent to help children and families in Syria, who are affected by the crisis. UNICEF is on the ground helping thousands of children, who have fled to the neighbouring countries, and are currently living in refugee camps. Together with local partners we help people who are trapped by the figthings inside Syria. • We are providing basic emergency relief such as clean water, clothing, medical care and sanitation. • We are setting up temporary schools and vaccinating children to prevent deathly deceases to spread in the refugee camps, where thousands are living closely together. • We're also running child-friendly spaces where children can be safe and helping children who have suffered psychological distress. Many are traumatized by the violence they have witnessed.

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Collection for the children of Syria
Naser Khader
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