Support children in need
Julie Nygaard Solbjerg UNICEFs generelle arbejde

Support children in need

Ikke alle har et så godt som os. Faktisk er det sådan at optil 1400 børn under 5 år dør hver dag, fordi de ikke har adgang til rent vand. Ved at støtte UNICEFs generelle arbejde, hjælper du med at nå børn, som lever i lande, der aldrig når avisernes forsider – men som har mindst lige så meget brug for vacciner, rent vand, skolegang og sundhedshjælp. Et hvert lille beløb betyder noget! Hjælp UNICEF med at nå alle børn, alle steder, altid. ______________________________________________________________ Not everyone has as good a life as we have. Actually 1400 kids under the age of 5 die everyday, because they don’t have access to clean water. By supporting UNICEFs work you help them reach kids who lives in countries, that never reach the cover of the news papier – but they need vaccines, clean water, school and health care just as much. Every donation matters! Help UNICEF to reach all kids, everywhere and always.

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Support children in need
Julie Nygaard
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