Umbracians for Unicef - The Friendly Fundraising
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Umbracians for Unicef - The Friendly Fundraising

In the spirit of holidays and humanity, I'd love for us as the Umbraco community to expand our friendliness to help Unicef help children in need - it's quite incredible what can be achieved if each visitor on Our Umbraco in December donated 5 Eurocents: - will provide 18.215 children with a pencil and exercise book or - can provide 44.643 doses of vaccine to immunize a child against polio or - can buy 900.000 water purification tablets each treating 4-5 litres of water enabling children to drink and wash safely or - provides 1.821 long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets protecting families from malaria that kills an African child every 30 seconds or - is the cost of 2 solar refrigerators used for the storage of vaccines in areas with non-existent or unreliable electrical energy Hope you'll help - on behalf of the worlds friendliest community, Niels Hartvig

Amount Raised:
Target: 50,000 kr.
12/15/2014 1/15/2015



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Umbracians for Unicef - The Friendly Fundraising
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